Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava Presents: A Review of Delicousness.

I just wanted to say “Thank You.”

It has been almost four months since I took up the reins as your fearless foodie blogger here at Bakluvit baklava.

Since then I have had the pleasure to wrap my head around all sorts of subjects… From Baklava History and Chocolate Mayan Mythology… to favorite Men in Black to “Bak’n” Up Shaq.

No. No. No. I’m not leaving for other adventures just yet.

I just wanted to let you know about some of the changes you can expect here on the Bakluvit Blog.

First off, we are moving to a twice-a-week blog schedule. You will be able to find us here on Tuesday and Friday… With some special postings on the Holidays.

Secondly, we are working on increasing our Social Media presence. So you will find us scooping up the most delicious baklava and food-related news for Facebook and Twitter.

Also… By Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter you will be able to get the latest scoop on when we do our next Tasting Events and… Special Giveaways (Hint. Hint.). Did I mention Special…? (Hint.)

It is very exciting. Baklava is my passion. I am proud to say that Bakluvit baklava is one of the most marvelous things I have ever tasted.

So for Thirds, we’re going to spend the next few months exploring the following issues when we speak to new friends about experiencing the deliciousness which is Bakluvit baklava.

1. Baklava? What’s that?

2. I have tried other baklava before and didn’t like it.

That’s right. Currently baklava in the United States isn’t as well known or branded as your favorite candy bar (Random fact: I love Butterfingers) or coffee shop.

Also, Most baklava you do run into is mass-produced and overly-sweet. “Ok” tasting… but not “Oh My Gawd When Can I Have More of That?”

That’s what we are changing with Bakluvit baklava.

High quality ingredients from California walnuts to clarified butter AND small batch artistry to make for a superb “unforgettable” product.

It is the leap between regular chocolate versus a Godiva truffle . . . a Ford Model-T versus a Porsche . . . a cubic zirconium versus a diamond.

Bakluvit baklava will be one of the most incredible snack and dessert experiences you will ever have in your life.

That’s right.

Bakluvit… The World’s Most Lovable Baklava


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Bakluvit Premium Baklava Presents: Organizations I Admire #1

So… $25. You want to help change the world with $25. What do you do?

Me? I love to hear about individuals improving their lives.

Thriving rather than just Surviving.

In order to improve their lives, many times it takes of course… money.

$25 may not be able to do so much by itself. But combine that with $25 from here… $25 from there…

And suddenly you have a nice loan to help a person… Or a group of people improve their lives.

That’s just one of the reasons I like

Because that $25 may end up helping…

A single father in Kenya improve his business selling clothing.

A woman in Peru to transform her home into her own restaurant.

A mom in the Philippines to be able to sell cold drinks to eager customers.

Thriving rather than just Surviving.

The crazy part? There is a great chance you will get that money paid back… Because the money is not a donation… it is a LOAN!

I consider it to be one of the Ultimate forms of recycling… You get paid back over the course of months or years… And then you can turn around and Re-Loan that money over and over again!

Over the last 3 years, my own $25 has helped fix a taxi, buy livestock, and open a store.

Which I think is pretty darn cool.… one of the organizations I admire.

Thrive Baby Thrive!

Bakluvit, the World’s Most Lovable Baklava

Buy Baklava Online. Offline. Anytime. Yum.

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Bakluvit Quality Baklava Presents: Water + Fruit + What!?!


Summer. Water. 4th of July. Time for adventure involving the lovely H+2+ the-never-seem-like-enough, O.

Hikes + lake swings + oh-my-did-you-see-that!.

Water balloon tosses + running hoses + optional clothing.

And refreshing fruit…

Sweet succulent oranges. Crunchy cold apples. Catching grapes in your mouth. One… two… three… Going for a record… And watermelon…

Mmmm… Watermelon.

And the one game from childhood that somehow managed to combine water + fruit + never-ending surprises.


Greased Watermelon.

That’s right. Greased Watermelon.

1 pool. 2 teams. One gigantic watermelon. Everyone to the center.

Object: To get said watermelon to the opponent’s side of the pool.

Ready… Wait!

I did say “Greased” watermelon Yes?

Out comes the petroleum jelly… Now, 1 Greased watermelon.

Ready. Set. Havoc.

Bruising. Yelling. Giant fruit missile. And somehow managing to bust it in half after an hour of play…

Lively childhood friends
Lovely childhood games
Laughter until it hurts.

Bakluvit treasures the “What in the world was I thinking?” games of your life.

Have Fun today. Keep hydrated. Enjoy the Boom. And love.

We’ll continue to bake up what you crave: The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

Happy 4th from Bakluvit 🙂

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Bakluvit Premium Baklava Presents: Shake that Explosion!

Explosions. Patriotic Music. And “accidentally” having a small spinning firework land near a friend.

A little fun… A little danger…

Yes Indeed. 4th of July memories.

A time to eat. Laugh. Socialize. And feel the LOUD Pops of the Massive Explosions overhead. And underfoot…

Stars. Hearts. Spinners. Squares!

Fountains. Roman Candles. Wheels. Smoke!

A Salute. A Comet. A Beehive. A Dahlia. A Chrysanthemum. Cake!

Good Friends, Good Music, Even Break out the real chocolate records!

What memories will you find yourself making?

Who will you be holding while you watch?

Bakluvit hopes you have a wonderful 4th of July celebration adventure (or six!).

We’ll be here… Baking up some of the most Amazing things you have ever craved.

Bakluvit Baklava. Online. Offline. Boom Time. Anytime. Yum.

Bakluvit… You know it. The World’s Most Lovable Baklava. Say it with me now!

Have fun! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

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The Love for Creativity..

What inspires you? What excites your emotions? What sparks that passion we all have within us that to take massive action?

One of the elements that seems to always get my juices flowing is creativity.

In this TED talk, and personally one of my favorites, Ken Robinson challenges us to rethink about our future school system. Robinson encourages parents to encompass creativity by cultivating imagination, rather than hinder it.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


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Bakluvit Quality Baklava Presents: Wake Up and Smell the Summer.

Ahhh Summer. Last time we talked about just a few of the tremendous possibilities to cram into the Sun-drenched weather.

Sunlight Calls. It moves. It works our way into the nooks and crannies of our brain, mood, and lifestyle.

Wake Up and Smell the Summer.

It calls with a host of health benefits in moderation.

It speaks to the Ounce of Prevention with Sunscreen.

It draws us to Beaches, Beaches, and More Beaches

It gives us an opportunity to wear cool things on our feet!

And what would Summer be without some fun FUN toys

I bakluv the Summer.

Life is WAY too short. Get out there and have some fun. Grab some friends. Make some new friends.

Enjoy yourself.

We’ll continue to bake up the World’s Most Lovable Bakluvit Baklava deliciousness. Perfect for snacking and your next Summer gathering.

Summer Yum.

Bakluvit baklava online. Offline. Anytime.

We’ve got your Bak.

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Bakluvit Quality Baklava Memories: Into the Summer…

First Day of Summer 2011. Oh yeah.

Summertime. Summer Summer Summertime. 500 Days of Summer. Oh those Summer Nights…

Cold Drinks. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Houseboats. Water. And (much) less clothing. Time to let that skin breathe!

Tanning and Charcoal.

Travel. Food. More Travel. Sea scooters. Zip-lines. Barbeque.

A great time to collect stories… Aka “Can you believe I did THAT!?!”

And… Sometimes even collecting those stories that Only get shared with friends and family after a couple rounds… Oh my.

What are your Summer Plans, Challenges, and Adventures?

Is it making it through Food Network’s 50 Summer Drinks list with your best friends?

Hmm… Watermelon-Coconut Cooler or Old Cuban?

Road-trips or Fantastic flights to new locations?

Will June find you at: A Taste of the Japanese International experience in Hollywood with the Yellow Magic Orchestra & Cibo Matto?

Taiko. Yes. Kabuki. Yes. Yoko Ono? Could be…

In July will you wonder: Is this enough Kilt for ya?

At the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina you can watch Celtic feats of strength including the Hammer Throw and the Caber Toss.

Will the Spirit of Randomness Blow you away in August?

Some people spend YEARS planning for this… and the results show.

Wherever life finds you…

Whether it is at the National Pastry Championships in Phoenix, Arizona, the Salmon Derby in Juneau, Alaska,  or the Bon Festival in Japan

We will continue to bake up the most delicious premium baklava you have ever tasted.

Seize the Summer! Yum.

Bakluvit Baklava. Online. Offline. Anytime.

Bakluvit, the World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

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G. Thang – Choose A Real Life (Or I’ll Kick Your Bak)

Albert Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I subscribe to the latter, though seem to live by the former.  In other words, I believe that life is a miracle-driven wondrous journey.  Yet, I live my life by taking most everything for granted.  One day, it will all end, and I’ll simply look back and ask myself, “Why didn’t I enjoy the miracle more by surpassing all the limitations I created for myself?”

If you’re reading this, then you’re alive.  Good job, but don’t get a big head.   We’re sharing life’s miracle, but are you really enjoying life or just riding it out?

Now, don’t think that your Notorious G is getting S-O-F-T by discussing this existential stuff.  Just know that whether you’re Big Pimpin’ with Jay-Z or White and Nerdy with Weird Al (and I apologize for the advertisement before the video), you should take life by the horns and bakluv the holy heck out of it.

No pressure, but try not to wipe out on life’s mega wave–ouch.  Really, really, really, enjoy the ride.

But one way to really mess up life is by not eating Bakluvit premium baklava on the regular.  Yes, that’s my shameless plug for the day.

Just eat it.

Baklava online, offline, and everywhere.

Notorious G.

P.S.: My shameless plug for next week (because I didn’t want to keep you in suspense): Bakluvit baklava is the absolute best baklava, the most premium baklava, and the highest quality baklava in the world.  You’ll find Bakluvit quality baklava online, offline, and everyone else.  Our baklava ingredients and baklava recipe makes the best baklava you’ll ever enjoy.  Just Bakluvit good.

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Bakluvit Quality Baklava Presents: Dad – A Force to be Reckoned With.

Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th, 2011.

Time to celebrate one of the greatest fathers of all time.

Tough. Rugged. War Veteran. Handicapable. An Inspiration to us all.

Stylish. Always seen wearing his suit in public. A Man’s Man.

Even today He is Hard at Work making the Galaxy a safer place.

That’s right. Your friend and mine. Darth Vader.

When he is not showing off his softer side on one coast… Or being eco-friendly by using public transportation on another

Or Re-establishing ties with old friends

This Dad works his magic…

Rescuing his son from certain disaster,

And Providing discipline and a helping hand.

Search your Feelings? Move over Dr. Phil, there’s a new Jedi in town!

It is one of the most talked about family bonding moments of all time… Repeated again and Again in each new generation.

It’s hard to shop for man like that. He’s gotten his coffee mugs and ties throughout the years.

But does anyone ever send him delicious baklava?

Bakluvit Baklava. Buy it Online. Luv it Offline. Anytime.

Bakluvit, The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

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G. Spot – Gettin’ Personal — What’s Your Personal Challenge for 2011?

[Remember to click on the bolded words below–enjoy]

One of our beloved Bakluvit Blog readers directed me to an article that forced me to think deeply, “What is my personal challenge for 2011?”

It just so happens that in May 2011, a 27-year-old billionaire told Fortune magazine during an interview that his Personal Challenge for 2011 is as follows:  “The only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself.”

This begs the question . . . “Who is the heck is this 27-year-old billionaire who would make such a statement?”

Is it:

a)      Dos Equis

b)      Ramsey, our beloved CEO (who IS an actual multibakluvinaire)

c)       Jaba the Hut

d)      Pizza the Hut

e)      None of the above, but it could be Mark Zuckerberg

Oh no, I’m not giving you the answer so quickly.  You’ll have to read to find out.  I hope the suspense isn’t “killing anyone,” because you may then be the next dinner on this billionaire’s plate:  CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER.  One thing is for sure, this billionaire could use some rich California walnut meat blanketed with locally produced fillo dough, cane sugar, and cinnamon.

Regardless of your personal challenge for 2011, know this: There’s every reason to hunt down a piece of your favorite Bakluvit Baklava.  It’s quality baklava online, offline, and everywhere else.

My 2011 personal challenge is to ensure that you eat the best quality baklava in the world.

Just freggin’ Bakluvit.

Notorious G.

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