Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava News: OC Weekly Decadence August 27th – I Eat It!

What? I can find Bakluvit Baklava showcased This Weekend? Yes Indeed!

THIS SATURDAY (August 27th) Bakluvit Baklava will be part of the OC Weekly “Decadence” event!

Traditional Baklava? Yes. Chocolate Baklava? Yes. Even Butterscotch Baklava!?! Oh Yes!

When: 7PM in Costa Mesa

Theme: The 20s! Zoot Suits!

Price wise for food/drink feasting: $15-20 dollars if you buy it online/at the door or $50 VIP online (Get in an hour earlier at 6PM!)

More Information can be found about it Here.

Wait a moment? Didn’t I hear about you guys running around earlier this month as well?

Oh Yeah!

We were happy to participate in the special charitable event Plate by Plate LA 2011 on August 6th.

Watch the Recap Video!

There’s been a flurry of Blogs about the event as well. Here’s a taste:

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Also… You can also Vote in the CBS Los Angeles’ Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011.

Listed are some amazing food blogs to check out! Hoping one day to be listed as well 😉

Take Care! Time to Do More Furious Baking in preparation for OC Weekly Decadence Tomorrow!

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