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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava News: OC Weekly Decadence August 27th – I Eat It!

What? I can find Bakluvit Baklava showcased This Weekend? Yes Indeed!

THIS SATURDAY (August 27th) Bakluvit Baklava will be part of the OC Weekly “Decadence” event!

Traditional Baklava? Yes. Chocolate Baklava? Yes. Even Butterscotch Baklava!?! Oh Yes!

When: 7PM in Costa Mesa

Theme: The 20s! Zoot Suits!

Price wise for food/drink feasting: $15-20 dollars if you buy it online/at the door or $50 VIP online (Get in an hour earlier at 6PM!)

More Information can be found about it Here.

Wait a moment? Didn’t I hear about you guys running around earlier this month as well?

Oh Yeah!

We were happy to participate in the special charitable event Plate by Plate LA 2011 on August 6th.

Watch the Recap Video!

There’s been a flurry of Blogs about the event as well. Here’s a taste:

A Hop, A Skip, and a Jump

LA In Stillettos

Audrey Magazine

Oh Joy

Darin Dines


Grub Street Los Angeles

Also… You can also Vote in the CBS Los Angeles’ Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011.

Listed are some amazing food blogs to check out! Hoping one day to be listed as well 😉

Take Care! Time to Do More Furious Baking in preparation for OC Weekly Decadence Tomorrow!

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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava Presents: For Love of Watermelon.

One of the advantages of being a blogger for Bakluvit is that I get to sample the experiments.

“Here Michael Try This.” Mmmm… Cinnamonnnny. “Here Michael Try That.” Mmmm… Butterscotch! “What about these?” Hmmm… So unique!

I consider it a hard life. 😉

One question I get asked is: What do you find yourself eating when you aren’t eating Bakluvit baklava?

Great question.

My current love is:


Carved. Sliced. Scooped. Pop an entire watermelon in the refrigerator overnight. Next evening… The air-conditioner blaring with an ice-cold bowl of the good stuff. Yum.

Choosing. *Pound Pound Pound Tap Tap Tap* Granitification. Salsa. Coolers.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

The funny thing is… I’ve only started eating watermelon over the last year.

But Michael you say, “Watermelon is sweet, and delicious, and refreshing, and filled with all sorts of good stuff for you! How could you end up with only a small smigen of your life enjoying these massive red foodstuffs of life!?!”

Well… Honestly for the majority of my life… I HATED WATERMELON.


“Try a bite?” = 1 Very sick Michael.

So What happened?

There’s a story to tell. For the next Blog!

In the meantime… I think something just came out of the oven. Yum.

Sincerely, Michael

Bakluvit, The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava News: Best of the Best Dessert Award – The Golden Cherry!

Whew. There has been a flurry of activity here at Bakluvit.

I was in the middle of writing about: 1) Our new flavor butterscotch – When it will be available (Stores +  Website) And 2) The Plate by Plate LA event when…

*WHAM* Golden Cherry Award.

The Golden Cherry Award. What does it mean?

Out of Dessert Darling’s Hundreds of Dessert Reviews… There have Only been 18 chosen as “Best of the Best.”

The Golden Cherry Award.

I use a 5 Cherry system to rate my desserts. The Golden Cherry is reserved for the BEST in each category. Ooh La La!

Now Bakluvit has Claimed: Golden Cherry #19.

It’s the Best Baklava she has ever tasted.

Wow. Double WOW. But don’t take my word for it…

…if I had my choice of desserts, it certainly wasn’t Baklava… Until now. WOW- I mean, Bakluvit practically revolutionized the treat for me.

You can read Dessert Darling’s entire review here.

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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava Guides: How to Care for your Baklava.

I love baklava. You love baklava. Sometimes, however, you want to save your package of Bakluvit baklava for a special occasion (Like a birthday, a wedding, or a night of fun with those you love!). Other times, you just want to have a piece now for breakfast with coffee… and save the rest for later.

But you Also want your baklava to stay as fresh and delicious as possible.

So… How do you Care for your Bakluvit Baklava?

Bakluvit Baklava Care Basics:

1. How and Where should I store my Bakluvit Baklava? (Baklava Shelf life Tips aka “Location. Location. Location.”)

A. Airtight container + Cool & Dry spot + Keep away from Direct Sunlight =

Your Bakluvit baklava will last approximately one (1) month.

B. Airtight container + Refrigerator* =

Double your baklava’s shelf life to approximately two (2) months when refrigerated.

C. Airtight container + Freezer* =

Freeze your baklava in an airtight container to extend the shelf life of the baklava to approximately five (5) months.

*If you do Refrigerate or Freeze your baklava – We suggest that you let your baklava thaw to room temperature before serving.

Random Foodie Facts: Eating your baklava right out of the fridge can make for a delightful chewy experience.

D. If you leave your baklava out, it will last at least one (1) week so long as it’s in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight (and out of the way of hungry friends and family!).

Which brings us to…

Bakluvit Baklava Tasting Techniques:

2. Is it okay to microwave my Bakluvit Baklava?

Yes! But we suggest not longer than ten to fifteen (10-15) seconds.  Microwaving your baklava too long may dry it out.

A. For what reason would I microwave my Bakluvit Baklava?

Our fans have let us know of some of their Favorite ways to enjoy Bakluvit Baklava.

On the top of that list: Warmed Bakluvit baklava with a Scoop of Ice Cream. This is especially amazing when you combine hot Chocbak (Can you say Goooooey chocolate?) with cold Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Yum.

3. What else do you suggest I try with Bakluvit Baklava? (It’s all about the Pairings, Love!)

-Add a soft layer of whipped cream cheese to form an extra sultry layer.

-Fresh berries, from sweet strawberries to boysenberries to blueberries.

-Crunchy sliced apples to soft sweet peaches. Think: Texture. Texture. Texture!

-Coffee, Tea, Milk, Hot Chocolate, or even a glass of your favorite wine. Chocbak + A nice Merlot or Ruby Port. Superb!

Discovered a particularly amazing combination? Share your discovery with us here and on Facebook and Twitter!

Questions or comments? Once again, Please Let us know here and on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks and Enjoy your Baklava!

Bakluvit, The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava News: Sharing is Good!

Welcome back to the Wonderful World of Bakluvit!

News! News! News!

Ramsey wanted Me to let Everyone know about a Cool Development (Pull the Lever! Why do we even HAVE that lever?).

We have gotten so busy with all the terrific things we want to do, that Ramsey is now sharing the Bakluvit “Social Media” Adventure (Ya Hoo! You’re all clear kid!) with G. and myself.

So Now you can laugh, converse, chat, or even “hobnob” with All of us on Facebook (Bakluvit, Inc. + Bakluvit Baklava) & Twitter (@bakluvit).

But How do you know it is Ramsey, G., or Michael? Great Question.

Zee Answer: When we post personal messages on Facebook, we will put a little ~(name) at the very end…

~Ramsey/~R for Ramsey

~Michael/~Mike/~M for Michael

~G for G.

For example: I love chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. ~Michael

(Oh How I do!)

On Twitter we will be “Checking in” 😉 – Saying Hello and/or placing a little tag at the end of our messages.

We will do our best to share the things that we love: Food, Drink, Adventures… and Opinions on everything from Love to Life to What in Life we Love to Laugh about!

Please feel free to ask us questions of all sorts… Or Whatever inspires you! Even just say Hello!

Take Care and Thanks for Sharing the Bakluvit Experience with us!

Sincerely, Michael

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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava Presents: Why receiving Spam makes me feel Popular.

“I think. Therefore I get Spam.”

I love receiving Spam. I love looking at my email Spam folder and seeing 500 junk messages in the last day. I love looking at the blog comments asking me to advertise their drug products. I love the Twitter postings with links to random international locations.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself: “Michael, You are crazy. I HATE Spam. It wastes my time trying to get me to do everything from sending money to Nigerian “Big Cash settlements” to buying random “bedroom-enhancing” devices and fake medications.

Now, it is not that I love the contents of the Spam. I am not interested in giving my Social Security and credit card information away to companies that Spam. I love what the Spam represents.

It is one representation of how much you have invested of yourself to engage in life…

For example:

If you have a pet that you really love… a soft kitten, a playful puppy, an old scraggly-toothed sweet mutt, you will probably lots of time talking about and purchasing things for that pet. As you do so three things happen.

1. You engage with other people and businesses that are part of that world.

2. You build up your own knowledge in that area.

3. You increase your reputation as “Being in the Know” about that subject.

The more time and energy you put into this area (aka “Putting Yourself Out There”) the more you will attract people who will want your input, advice, and help.

A rich history.

And along with it…


You are Real. You are Engaged. Therefore you are going to get more Spam.

Spam. Spam. Spam.

Agree? Disagree? Craziest spam email you have ever received? Let me know.

Sincerely, Michael

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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava Presents: 5 Top Songs Revealed Part Duex

Welcome back!

Last week in response to our reader Lafemmerkiri was the following musical challenge:

If you died and could only take 5 itune(s) tracks to the other side, what would you choose?

Great question! I have spent hours trying to figure out which would be the ONLY 5 to select out of my brain. It is like trying to pick a single puppy out of an entire litter without knowing what will happen to the rest… Whew!

Last week revealed:

Song #5 was: “Weird Al” Yankovic’s White & Nerdy

Fun fact: The man has hit songs… About food. Have to bakluv it.

To Continue…

Song #4: They Might Be Giants’s Put a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Love this song. Even more so for being featured on one of my favorite “ultra-vivid” shows… Pushing Daisies

There is something about this song that calls out to random adventures with your best buds. From U-turns at midnight to shopping cart races to water balloons exploding to eating that ultra-greasy late-night eatery concoction at 4 AM… A touch of insanity mixed in with two scoops of heart. Drizzle with as much chaos as you can handle…

Song #3: Don McLean’s American Pie

A Slice of History. Loss… No going back to the way things were… And just a touch of Nihilism.

Plus it contains one of those childhood memories that really just… Sticks. Late night flipping channels (Less than 100! Even less than 50!) and suddenly… I stop… and I’m watching Don McLean play in front of a live audience… I was… amazed. I sat. And watched. And then when at the very end he just let the audience sing the chorus…

WHAM. I was hooked. Forever.

Song #2. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Whether their Music Video, Live recorded performance, or Muppetized

The song is just FUN. Chorus. Rocking Guitar Solos (Yes I see you there with the Air Guitar (http://usairguitar.com/). Don’t deny it.) Variety and variation. And if you happen to be in the car… Ohhh Yes.

#1 Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the U.S.A.

The very beginning to the song just grabs me by the heartstrings and doesn’t let go…

“If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I’d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife.”

For when it comes down to it, it’s your FAMILY that counts the most in life.

If you lost everything but still had them, you could persevere.

The Song then continues with: Pride. Sacrifice. Determination. How blessed you are in life.

Which puts in smack in the #1 spot.

I think when it comes down to it, those top 5 songs are very very personal. Your music tastes distill who you are as a person… What you believe and treasure in life. I believe in the power of spending time with friends and family. I treasure those silly random moments that you can laugh about for your entire life. And there is always something marvelous about sitting down to a good meal. All three combined makes for a wonderful experience.

So I ask: What would be your top 5 songs to take with you into eternity?

Michael… Signing off.


Bakluvit, The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

Baklava Online. Baklava Offline. Baklava Anytime.


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Bakluvit Premium Quality Baklava Presents: 5 Top Songs Revealed (Almost).

Thanks to our reader Lafemmerkiri in our last June Bakluvit baklava posting for asking the following question:

If you died and could only take 5 itune(s) tracks to the other side, what would you choose?

Wow. 5 Tracks. Only 5 Tracks.

First Scan my Entire Brain for ALL musical memories…

Every note. Every sound. Every quoted (and misquoted) lyric.

Erase. Erase. Erase.

And then replacing them with…

Only my Top 5 songs.

For all Eternity.

The Horror. The Horror.

…Challenge Up. Let’s do this.

Today~ Song #5:

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s White & Nerdy

Nerd. Geek. Foodie. Romantic. Growing up these parts were strong and still remain so. Listening to the song I can point and say “Yes I did that… and that… Yes… even that.”

Embarrassing at times? Yes.

Old video and photos brought up by family to new relationships? Yes.

Friends telling me, “Never admit you did that.” Yes.

Admitting that I did it anyway? Yes.

Caring less and less about what other people think as I get older? Heck YES!

As one great person told me how they handle life: “This is who I am. Deal with it.”

Tune in Friday as I continue to peel back the musical layers…


Bakluvit, The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

Baklava Online. Baklava Offline. Baklava Anytime.



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Bakluvit Quality Premium Baklava Presents: Morning Mr. Potter!

Late Last Nite. Early This Morning.

Bak to Bak Harry Potter 7 Part 1… Followed by a Midnight Showing of Harry Potter 7… End of an Era Part 2.

1st Book 1997. 1st Movie 2001. Wow. Fourteen Year Book & Movie Saga. Surreal.

Magic. Mysteries. Friendship. Dragons. Duels. Romance…

7 Part 2. I have to say… I Bakluved it. I Bakluved it VERY much.

Great crowd, Spectacular special effects, Wonderful pacing, Emotional punches, and Neville Longbottom…

Yes. Neville Longbottom. I won’t give away anything… But he was my favorite character of the last movie.

Shy lost gardener… to Movie 7… well… Awesome. Pure Awesome. Run Neville Run!

Yes I know you read the books. Yes I know you read the books THREE times (just last week!).

But I’m still saying NOTHING.

Go. Wear something Fun. Watch the Movie. Enjoy. Enjoy. ENJOY!

And who knows…

Part 1. Part 2. The Future of Movies? Perhaps… Perhaps…

It’s a Nice way to start a weekend away from Carmageddon.


Bakluvit Baklava, The World’s Most Lovable Baklava.

Baklava Online. Offline. Anytime!

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